Then Lin Yuner spoke:“dad,Don’t worry about it,We all have our own business to be busy now,I think about something when I should think about it,Not in a hurry。”
Xiao Fan also echoed:“Yes,dad,We will consider when we should。”
Lin Feng sees the attitude of these two people,Also helpless,Had to let them go。
Had breakfast,Xiao Fan went back to the room to pack up,Lin Yuna followed,Standing behind Xiao Fan。
“Xiao Fan,I know you are not a simple person,At that time you said you would protect me from the Lin family,safe and sound,you did it,I trade my marriage,Feel nothing unworthy。”Lin Yuner calmly said to Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan paused,Then he said:“Yoona,We are partnership,Is the best partner,I will take care of you no matter what,Thank you for making it out in front of dad today。”
Lin Yoona smiled,Then I helped Xiao Fan organize,Talking while organizing:“To stay for a few days,Is one week enough?”
“almost,Should be enough。”Xiao Fan answered。
Pack your luggage,Xiao Fan went to the garage to pick up the car,He sent Lin Yoona to the company first,Then set off to the Green Forest Villa。
The place where Green Forest Villa is located is very secret,Most people can’t find it,If Xiao Fan didn’t rely on his amazing memory,I’m afraid I can’t find it。
Xiao Fan drove out of the city,There is no noisy car noise,Suddenly quiet a lot,Xiao Fan’s mood has also improved a lot,He doesn’t like noise。
Green Forest Villa is a quiet place,Suitable for him to think,Line up,And there is an old Fan to accompany him。
He could not help speeding up after thinking about it,He wants to let himself go for a while,Recharge your energy and prepare for the next potential danger。
All these years,Although Xiao Fan is martial arts,Excellent intelligence,But also came from the blade。
Because of his extraordinary,Put him in danger,Although he is now covering up a lot with the identity of Lin’s son-in-law,But many former enemies are looking for him。