There is a hot spring rockery behind。There is a swimming pool if you want to swim。If you don’t bring any swimsuits,The waiter will deliver them to the room,Very attentive service。
Gu Jin said with a smile:“We came this trip really cost you a lot,All the properties under your name are reserved,Thinking about it, we feel very proud。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“It should be,Haven’t you said anything after having been with you for three years??I have taken your place,Now replace you to take my place,You can live as long as you want,Even if this villa is given to you。”
Gu Jin said with a smile:“Don’t give it to me,Why don’t you give a small rice cake,Xiaonian Gao will inherit this industry in the future。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“If it’s for small rice cakes,But it’s not just this villa in the future,There is too much to give him。”
Bai Chen said from the side:“It seems we have a son,Don’t need us to raise it by ourselves,Just his Uncle Xiao Fan can raise him,And in the future, he will be a proper little rich man。”
Lin Yoona said with a smile:“If you don’t want to raise it, send it to us,We promise to take care of it comfortably。”Xiao Nian Gao only knows that the adults are mentioning his name,But I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m going to hug。
It’s not Xiao Fan holding him this time,But Lin Yuna picked him up,Xiaonian Gao also likes Lin Yoona,Because he thinks Lin Yoona is a beautiful aunt,Looking at his watery eyes。
Lin Yoona couldn’t help thinking that she would have a child so cute in the future.。Gu Jin smiled and said:“This child is really related to your husband and wife。”
Xiao Fan said:“Maybe good-looking people like good-looking people。”Gu Jin couldn’t help rolling her eyes,Everyone laughed。
Chapter four hundred and forty five Talk heart
Several people went back to their rooms to rest,Xiao Nian Gao followed Gu Jin and Bai Chen back to her room。
After returning to the room,Lin Yuner asked Xiao Fan:“how about it?Did you find out what happened to your parents??Who did it?Who instigated it??You tell me。”
Xiao Fan touched Lin Yoona’s head and said:“Don’t worry,I’ll tell you it’s not a big deal,It’s just a villain to instigate,And some people want to take the lead。”Lin Yoona frowned。
Then Xiao Fan continued to look at Lin Yoona and said:“It’s actually Zhao’s house in the villa next to us, do you know??”Lin Yoona nodded and said yes。
Xiao Fan continued:“There is a babysitter in the Zhao family who always talks ill of others everywhere,You know that too。”Lin Yuna said:“I know she always talks ill of other people’s owners to Ma Li,Fortunately, there are only two villas in our area,She can’t do it anywhere。”