Chinese men’s ping pong 3-0 sweeps Serbia’s five-game winning streak to advance to the quarterfinals
In the final round of the group match of the 2014 Tokyo World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese men’s team swept Serbia with a total score of 3-0, easily won five consecutive victories and won the group first. Ma Long, Wang Hao and Xu Xin all defeated their opponents in straight sets.  The Air Force has achieved four consecutive victories in the Chinese team. The last group match faced Serbia with an average strength. The other four games had only one win and three losses and only won the Brazil team.In this campaign, the Chinese team sent Ma Long, Wang Hao and Xu Xin, of which Ma Long played in the first and fourth games, and Wang Hao played in the second and fifth games.  In the first singles, Malone took the lead in playing Jantovi?.In the first game, Malone quickly entered the state, and the offensive aggressively completely suppressed the opponent, leading the way with a big score to win 11-2.In the second and third innings, Malone continued to control the situation without giving opponents any chance. They won 11-5 and 11-6 in a row, winning opponents in three straight innings and scoring the first point for the Chinese team.  In the second singles, veteran Wang Hao played against Karl Poga.In the first game, Wang Hao quickly seized the initiative on the field, regained his lead early, and grabbed the lead with 11-7.In the second round, Wang Hao worked hard and opened the point difference to win another round with the same score of 11-7.In the third game, Wang Hao’s advantage was more obvious, winning 11-4 all the way and winning the 3-0 team to help the Chinese team lead 2-0.  In the third singles, Xu Xin appeared to face Pete.In the first game, Xu Xin did not adapt to the opponent’s goal, and the score was bitten by the opponent or even slightly behind, but at the end of the game, he still exerted his strength to win the championship with 11-9.In the second inning, Xu Xin took advantage of the chase, and his opponent was unable to fight back. He scored 11-2.In the third game, Xu Xin worked hard to end the battle with 11-6.  In the end, the Chinese team defeated Serbia 3-0, won five consecutive victories and won the group first, directly advancing to the quarterfinals.

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