And this answer,Almost everyone present can understand,Explained。
This is a bold assumption made by Lu Menglin on the internet of later generations,Although there is no way to be directly confirmed,But it’s enough to answer Sun Bin’s question。
At least in 1998,No one has such a bold and imaginative hypothesis。
This style,Obviously the science fiction writers are good at,Not the field of scientific researchers。
Sun Bin heard this answer,I was shocked for a while,It’s hard not to imagine the answer to the universe imagined by Lu Menglin,There is also no way to prove that Lu Menglin is wrong with the so-called professional knowledge。
Master Xiao Wang sees Sun Bin in a daze,Can’t help but anger:“What are you doing?I’m going to hack him.”
Speaking of which,Master Xiao Wang’s voice stopped abruptly,And everyone in the room can hear clearly,Because he has a microphone in his hand,Didn’t close it in a hurry。
Oh?The audience was in an uproar again,Countless pairs of eyes fixed on Master Xiao Wang。
“Is my answer okay??”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
Sun Bin’s face is ugly,His lips can’t help but flap,But there is no sound,Like a carp that unfortunately jumped on the shore。
at this time,A tall and fit figure rushed to the podium,Yiyi babbled a series of words,Scared Lu Menglin quickly turned sideways,I thought the other party became angry,Wendou can’t use martial arts!
Take a closer look at the result,It was a foreigner who rushed up,To Lu Menglin again Biao English,Gesture again。
Lu Menglin heard that the foreigner seemed to be talking about the laboratory,physics,Invitation or something,It’s just that the other party speaks too fast,I can’t keep up for a while。
No one knows what is going on,Fortunately, a middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses also followed the podium.,Said repeatedly:“Sorry!Sorry!This is Mr. Smith,He is a professor of physics at Kennedy Space Launch Center in Florida, USA,Chief Scientist of Alpha Research Institute。”
“Alpha magnetic spectrometer for observing antimatter and new element composition in space,It’s him who participated in the main research and development,And sent it to space by hand。”
It sounds like this glasses guy should be a translator or something,A few words explain clearly the identity background of this old foreigner。
“Mr. Smith says,He was《Science Fiction World》Invited by the magazine,I didn’t expect to hear the bold imagination of Chinese writers on antimatter research here.,He thinks your idea is very creative,Want to make friends with you,I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do more in-depth discussions。”
Following the eloquence of this translator,The atmosphere of the audience instantly boiled again。