2015 League Cup-Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham win Terry breaks the goal
Beijing time on March 2, 00:00 (16:00, British local time), the 2014/15 season of the English League Cup finals began at Wembley Stadium, Chelsea won Tottenham 2-0, specialAfter breaking the deadlock, Diego Costa made Walker Oolong.Chelsea won the League Cup for the fifth time in history, Mourinho won the championship for the first time after entering Chelsea again.William took the free kick and Drogbatri held the trophy and Mourinho played Chelsea nearly 11 times against Tottenham only to lose 3-5 away this season.Both teams have won the League Cup four times. This is Tottenham’s eighth time reaching the final and Chelsea’s seventh.In 2008, the two teams met in the final. Woodgate’s overtime lore made Tottenham win.In the 152 battles between the two sides in history, Chelsea have 64 wins, 38 draws and 50 losses.Zuma replaced the suspended Matic guest cameback, Cahill, Cech, Aspiriquita, William and Ramirez played alternately.  Diego Costa passed the ball and Ramirez shot from 12 yards was blocked by Dell.Fabregas takes the corner, Ivanovic scores a header from a small angle and hits the side net.Tottenham almost exploded in the 10th minute. Harry Kane broke through to win a free kick before the penalty area. Eriksson shot directly at the crossbar and hit the beam at 25 yards.Tottenham continued to press, Erikson’s shot on the right side of the penalty area was blocked and hit Ramirez, referee Antonio Taylor did not give a penalty, Ryan Mason followed the long shot and was blocked by Terry.Chelsea also got an excellent free kick chance, but William directly hit the wall.  Both defenses performed solidly, and the two teams gradually broke through the rhythm and entered a stalemate.Diego Costa pushed his hand against Banta Leb’s face while leading the ball on the left, causing a dispute between the two teams. Walker’s subsequent retaliatory foul was not admitted.Dell’s midfielder tackled Diego Costa-fined the game’s first yellow card.Erikson shot through the crotch Zuma at a low angle at the top of the penalty area and was confiscated by Cech.Chelsea broke the deadlock in the 45th minute. William’s free kick from the right was barely released by Dell, and Terry, who was undefended, shot into the net at 10 yards.Ivanovic then took a corner kick ferry from a distance, Cahill header header from the edge of the small penalty area fell into Loris.  The second half of the game was played in the rain. Hazard cut into the penalty area and hit Dell on the right side of the penalty area. Then he slid past the goal. Then Fabregas shot from the edge of the penalty area and was rescued by Loris.Leading Mourinho was in a good mood, spraying water on the broadcast lens for fun on the sidelines.Chelsea extended the score in the 56th minute, Fabregas passed the ball, Diego Costa shot from a small angle at the top of the penalty area and hit Walker and penetrated the net, 2-0.William passed the ball and Hazard’s arc shot from the top of the penalty area missed the far post.  Chelsea continued to exert pressure as the rain fell to its maximum.Hazard made a cross and Fabregas header from the right side of the penalty box missed the corner.William and Cahill were awarded yellow cards one after another.Quadrado replaced William, and Aspiri Quetta returned to the game after bleeding from the head.Harry Kane missed a corner header from the edge of the small penalty area, but Virtongen and Lamera both missed the ball afterwards.Harry Kane crossed from the right and Chadley missed the ball after Ivanovic’s clearance.Tottenham nearly broke the goal in the 87th minute. Harry Kane made two shots from the top of the penalty area and was blocked by Terry in time.Chelsea won the championship and Terry was expected to be the best in the game.  Chelsea baseline (4-2-3-1): 1-Cech; 2-Ivanovic, 24-Cahill, 26-Terry, 28-Aspilicueta; 5-Zuma, 7-Ramirez; 22-William (76′, 23-Quadrado), 4-Fabregas (88′, 8-Oscar), 10-Azar; 19- Diego-CosTower (93′, 11-Drogba) Tottenham Hotspur appearance trajectory (4-2-3-1): 1-Loris; 2-Walker, 15-Dell, 5-Veltonghen, 3-Rose; 42- Venta Leb, 38- Ryan Mason (71′, 11-La Merla); 17- Townsend (62′, 19- Dembele), 23- Eriksson, 22-Chadley (80′, 9-Soldado); 18-Harry Kane (Scot)

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