Don’t sell it?Exposure to the Nets boss called to stop selling the team CEO: did not say to sell
On March 11th, Beijing time, according to ESPN reports, the sale of the Nets with a lot of fighting legends may not become a reality. The source said that the Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has stopped the Nets saleprogram of.The Nets boss has stopped the sale program Evercore Partners is an investment bank. Prokhorov once hired them to conduct the Nets sale for evaluation in January this year, and there was news that the Nets owner will soonHear various quotes analyzed by this company.However, sources from this company revealed that Prokhorov has recently terminated the authorization of this company, and the sale of the Nets is equivalent to being suspended.Moreover, from the current news, it is unlikely that the Nets will be sold at some time in the future.  Nothing happened, as we said in front of the media in a year, the Nets CEO, Brett-Jormark reported to reporters in Manhattan, New York on Monday, so I want to say, what I think should beNothing will happen, our leaders are very firm.  As Yomak said, no matter how hot the Nets are peddling this news media, the Nets are very consistent in their tone during the year, that is, just quote, don’t be nervous.Even in January, when Bloomberg revealed that Prokhorov hired Evercore Partners, Yomak once said that he only listened to the offer, which does not mean that the team will be sold in the near future.  Not long ago, the “New York Post” received news that the Nets had received quotations from multiple consortia, including even China’s Fosun Group, but the NBA official hopes to delay the sale of the Nets., Let the buyers start to inspect the eagle first.However, judging from the current news, it seems that the Nets are in the process of renewal, and they still will not change the boss.(Big speakers)

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