With a burst of laughter,There are also two people who appear in sight。
Tong Family,The power is similar to the previous two,May be able to rule the king in the North Sea,But in this Zhongyu, it is only considered a first-class family。
The old man headed should be their elder boy war,Behind is the third elder and the fourth elder Tong Bo and Tongxin,They are all sixth-rank martial artists。
They can send so many masters at once,Really lost money,I just don’t know what benefits the people behind give them。
As for another group of forces,Their origin is quite interesting。
These guys were originally from the sword city,But later he was expelled from the city of swords because of some unknown news,And the people who forged the sword city threatened,No one can take them in,Otherwise, it will be the enemy of Jiancheng。
So that in the end this group of people fell into trouble,There is also some joy。
As for the power, it’s okay,In total, only two fifth-ranks enter the Holy Land,A Seven-Rank Entering the Holy Land,Should be here today。
The three elders of One Arrow Gate breathed a sigh of relief,I didn’t expect that man was telling the truth,It’s true that others will act with them。
Although these people may not be able to keep that group of people,But there is no problem with self-insurance。
Mr. Lu clearly stated the information of the major forces,Xia Chenglong nodded slightly,There is nothing on the expression!
Not to mention,It’s really interesting that the shrimp, soldiers and crabs will be together。
Four martial arts water,Ten holy martial artists above rank 5,There are a lot of people behind them,Although the realm is relatively low,But after all, strictly trained,Good at combined hunting,Still have a little fighting power。
“The Lord Dragon King is in front,It’s polite in Xia Tong Zhan!”
“Heishan Yiba is here,Dragon King laughed!”
The two leaders have also heard of Xia Chenglong’s name,In the self-introduction, it is still abiding。