NBA announces Rockets Raptors misjudgment Mai Shuai: key defense is not done well
On April 1, Beijing time, the Houston Rockets lost to the Toronto Raptors yesterday. The Rockets generals praised Demar DeRozan who scored a career high of 42 points after the game.However, coach Kevin McHale was dissatisfied with the final penalty of the game, and the league announced today that there was a misjudgment in the game yesterday.  Yesterday, the Rockets collapsed in Toronto. DeRozan, who failed to score a career high of 42 points, was one of the reasons for the defeat.After the game, James Harden, who scored 31 points, thought that the Rockets had put DeRozan into a state from the beginning.DeRozan was highly praised for his non-stop hits and difficult shots, as well as confrontation shots. Harden said he found the state from the beginning.When you feel it, these balls will hit one after another.In today’s league, when you find the rhythm, you feel good, and any player can perform well.Tonight he is a wonderful one.  Mai Shuai also believes that: we gave him too many opportunities to shoot easily, so that he developed a feel, then he can hit some difficult shots.Trevor Ariza, who missed two key shots at the last moment, also said: He played aggressively, he kept hitting difficult shots, and he also got a lot of easy shots.When he first entered the league, he is now a completely different player.He is already one of those players that you must pay close attention to on the defensive end.He can be brilliant in various ways.  But even if DeRozan is brave, the Rockets still have a chance to win in the first 2 minutes of the game.Ariza hit a 3-pointer in 1 minute 44 seconds, the Rockets led 96-95, DeRozan quickly led the team to overtake 1 point.Subsequently, DeRozan caused Harden to foul, but he missed 2 free throws, but when Harden then competed with Amir Johnson for the rebound, he held the ball in his hand and called for a timeout. The referee awarded the ball and the Raptors won the ball.Right, DeRozan hit a quasi lore.  After the match, Mai Shuai expressed doubts about the penalty.For most of the games this season, we can defend well and win games like this tonight, but we didn’t do it tonight.We also had a chance, but after the referee decided that it was a fight, it was over.I think Harden was calling a timeout at the time, but we failed to get the ball. Instead, the opponent took the offensive rebound and took control of the ball.  But Mai Shuai still blamed the disappearance on defense. He said: We had a chance, but we failed to complete our work.We didn’t catch some of the five-and-five opportunities. Their offensive rebounds also hurt us. We have to defend well, especially at some critical moments.  Mai Shuai’s questioning is not unreasonable.Today the NBA officially announced that there were 2 misjudgments at the last minute of the game yesterday, both of which were detrimental to the Rockets.The first time was when the referee ignored Harden’s call for a timeout and a penalty jump was awarded. The second time was a five-second violation when Terrence Rose took the ball 37 seconds before the end of the game but was still let go by the referee.In the end, the Rockets had to defeat Toronto.(Demon)

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