Xiao Xiao also thought it was too coincidental,But Chen Wenjin guessed it was not a coincidence,Sure enough, I heard Wang Shuai say:“I probably know who your dad is。So you are with your mother’s last name!Your dad was promoted to the province,My dad mentioned it up。After a long time,We are really our own,I have to contact more in the future,Just speak up,Mine、You can really treat it as your own other hospital。”
“Then I know who your dad is。”Xiao Xiao also understands,For opening an account, his father must have found someone he can trust,Wang Shuai’s father,Then of course his father is looking for people with close relationships。
What are the confidants of Xiao Xiao’s father?,After surname age is excluded,The answer is very straightforward。
Chen Wenjin suddenly understood,Why didn’t the future Wang Shuai mention Xiao Xiao?,I can’t say about it。
Their parents have this relationship,Xiao Xiao and his mother’s last name,It’s clear that his father has consideration for protecting her,Then Wang Shuai won’t mention it,People whose mouths are not tight enough,Won’t get enough trust。
Something happened to Wang Shuai’s father in the future,But these kinds of situations,Those who have long-term considerations will plan for the worst,Wang Shuai went abroad in time when his father had an accident,After that, it will cause Chen Wenjin to trouble,Wang Shuai has not contacted Chen Wenjin in the country where he lives,Only when going abroad,Occasionally phone chat。
Wang Shuai knows this relationship,Definitely won’t do anything to Xiao Xiao,Even avoid her accident,Try to get her out of the group。Otherwise something went wrong,Inevitably without his joint responsibility,Just a responsibility for not taking care of Xiao Xiao well,He can’t tell。
Because it defines whether Wang Shuai is responsible,Are Xiao Xiao’s parents。
In other words,Under normal circumstances,After Wang Shuai learned about his relationship with Xiao Xiao’s family,,Will get her back on track,So there won’t be any common activities in the circles that come out to play。
Chen Wenjin is guessing,Xiao Xiao’s phone rang。
Chen Wenjin and Wang Shuai both guessed it must be the young man just now,There was something inconvenient to say just now。
hang up the phone,Xiao Xiao said:“He said just to adjust the position,Communication with the Securities Department,Turn a million in。”
“Actually, the money in Sister Xiaohong’s account is not enough for the middle room。”Wang Shuai guessed that the person was doing things safely,That’s why I don’t hesitate to spend more money,Otherwise, talk more,Don’t need to save so much,He specifically pointed it out,Also to let Xiao Xiao know,The people his father confessed to do things very hard。
“This Uncle Zhang is very nice。”Xiao Xiao knows,Said she would talk to her father,I’m sure that the person who opened the account is doing well,I’m affirming Wang Shuai’s father。