Again it is Qiao Tianyu who went to the Saudi Palace,He left the palace after spending an hour in the Saudi palace,Then I met several old friends of the Saudi royal family,Then went to Dubai,Met with Uncle Qiao Dahua and Aunt Keiko。
Because Keiko is also from the Arrow Sakura organization,According to Keiko,The one who met them was definitely Qiao Tianyu himself,Even the trace of flying insect stings behind Qiao Tianyu’s neck in Dubai the other day,Never admit the wrong person。
But Keiko said,After Qiao Tianyu saw Qiao Dahua and Keiko,Just normal chat,Let Keiko make him a meal of Qiao’s eight bowls and eight dishes,I left after some mouth addiction,Did not say anything unusual,Did not do anything unusual。
After listening to the three Qiao Tianyu reports,Lily is even more compelled to solve,Words explain heavenly“Golden House”Negotiation meeting soon,How could Qiao Tianyu have such idle time,I went to travel around the world?
Plus this Qiao Tianyu who was under house arrest by Lily and the others,Of the four Qiao Tianyus, none of them are doing tomorrow’s“Golden House”Preparing for the negotiation meeting,By the way, Qiao Tianyu’s heart is really bigger, right??
As the saying goes, things go wrong, there must be demons,Lily always thinks that Qiao Tianyu must have hidden some big conspiracy,It’s just that she didn’t see through。
So Lily glared round and bright,Both ears are erect like radar,Pay close attention to everything happening around you,For fear of missing any useful information。
But soon,Lily’s“radar”Strategy starts to work slowly,With distance“Golden House”The bargaining meeting is getting closer,Qiao Tianyu finally couldn’t sit still,His strategy has also begun to change。
The first is Qiao Tianyu’s gold grab。Because Qiao Tianyu’s acquisition sites of Junji Sato are placed near each gold acquisition site,And Sato Junji drove higher than Qiao Tianyu20Purchase price per ounce,Naturally ran Qiao Tianyu so hardly he received any gold。
And over time,There is less and less time left for Qiao Tianyu to acquire gold,Qiao Tianyu finally couldn’t sit still,From three o’clock in the afternoon that day,Qiao Tianyu started working hard,Continue to raise the purchase price of gold。
However, Junji Sato relies on the support of the Arrow Sakura Organization and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and other consortia.,Natural wealth is very rough。
In order to completely suppress Qiao Tianyu on the price of gold,No matter how high Qiao Tianyu raises the gold purchase price,He always drives higher than Qiao Tianyu20The price of an ounce in dollars,Always suppressing Qiao Tianyu in price。
And Qiao Tianyu’s party is fighting for gold with Sato Junji,I have no choice but to increase the gold purchase price frequently,In the end, Qiao Tianyu and Sato Jun’s second pair easily fell into the spiral of rising gold prices.。
As of six o’clock that day,The gold purchase price has been raised to a terrifying900Dollar one ounce level,And it’s still rising。
The soaring purchase price of gold has completely ignited the enthusiasm of Japanese people to sell gold.。