This scene,Everyone in and outside the room was stunned。
They have seen shameless,But I’ve never seen anyone kneeling directly to my granddaughter like this。
“mom,What are you doing?
Please get up quickly?”
Wu Youcai saw his mother suddenly kneeling with Wu Xiaorou,Panicked,Rushed forward with Lei Xiaoqin,I’m going to help Mrs. Wu up。
“Son,Think about your brother,He’s thirty-six,If you don’t get married, you will really be a bachelor for a lifetime。
If so,I’m just dead,Don’t have the face to see your father。”
Mrs. Wu was crying,Let Wu Youcai and his wife help,But just refused to get up。
“Yo,This old lady is a bit difficult。”
Wu Xiaorou suddenly knelt down when she saw Mrs. Wu,Body beating,Quickly avoided this kneeling。
Simultaneously,Her brain is also spinning fast,How to face such a situation。
“Since you are kneeling,I can’t help but express。”
Thought of here,Wu Xiaorou closed her eyes,Soft body,Lean against the wall,Fell limp to the ground。
I saw my daughter suddenly fainted to the ground,Wu Youcai and Mrs. Wu don’t care about Mrs. Wu,Rushed forward,Picking up Wu Xiaorou and ran to the village clinic。