April 24 Real Madrid VS Barcelona live broadcast address
At 2:45 am on April 24th, Beijing time, the 33rd round of the 2016-2017 season of the Spanish Football League ushered in a focus battle. The leader Real Madrid sat at home Bernabeu against the defending champion Barcelona.Real Madrid VS Barcelona live broadcast address: Click to enter the two teams played a total of 232 times in the official game, Real Madrid with 93 wins, 19 draws and 90 losses, scored 392 goals and 377 goals overlap.In the league, the two teams played 173 times in total. Real Madrid scored 72 wins, 33 draws and 68 losses. The score of 282 goals and 274 goals is still in a dominant position.In the Bernabeu, Real Madrid 86 times in the league against Barcelona, scored 52 wins, 15 draws and 19 losses, scoring 179 goals and 103 goals.The two national derby matches between the two sides, Real Madrid have achieved undefeated results, last season’s second round of the league away to challenge Barcelona, Real Madrid 2-1 conquered Nou Camp, this season, the two sides of the league’s first round, Real Madrid equalized the score in the countdown, 1-1 draw with the Red and Blue Army.The emperor immediately lost to Barcelona, it was in the Bernabeu, when the Red and Blue Legions swept the Galaxy battleship 4-0.  This game is of decisive significance to the crown of the league this season. Now Barcelona is still 3 points behind Real Madrid in a round. If the game can beat Real Madrid, the two teams will evenly split, and the win-loss relationship is 1 win 1 draw.The Red and Blue Corps will lead the La Liga standings. Even if Real Madrid can beat Celta in the supplementary match, the gap of 3 points can still be tied in the 5 rounds of the league.If Real Madrid can remain undefeated, the hope of a counterattack in the Barcelona League becomes slim. If the Galaxy battleship defeats Barcelona, they will lead by 6 points in the first round of the game and lose 2 games or tie 3 games in the final 5 rounds (excluding the supplementary match)Are not likely.  However, the national derby is the most powerful dialogue in the international football field. The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona may have a limited quiz. Although the two teams want to use 100%, they have more than enough power.The reason is that before the start of the national derby, Real Madrid and Barcelona have just experienced a difficult two-round match in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.Real Madrid and Bayern started the European derby, and Barcelona and Juventus were the European wars.  It is worth mentioning that this matchup is the third meeting between Zidane and Enrique. The two Real Madrid coaches have shown the true nature of the metaphysical masters. The two teams met at the Camp Nou this season. Real Madrid are in regularIn the last minute of the time, Ramos snatched a point with a header.Last season, Real Madrid played against 10 players at the last minute, but Ronaldo won Barcelona 2-1.The two Air Forces have played 6 times as players in the national derby, Zidane won 2 times, Enrique won 1 time, and Real Madrid and Barcelona drew 3 times.  Although the winner of the national derby is no longer the solo dance of Ronaldo and Messi, both of them will have a national derby record to continue to impact in the future.Messi is currently the first scorer in the history of the national derby, scoring 21 goals.But the last time the little flea broke Real Madrid’s goal to continue to the 2013-2014 season, has not faced Real Madrid for 3 consecutive years.Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 16 goals, ranking third in history, only 2 goals less than Di Stefano, in other words, only 2 goals less than the national Derby Real Madrid top scorer.  In this game, Navas will continue to serve as Real Madrid starter, Nacho and Ramos form a center-back partner, Marcelo and Carvajal serve as left and right backs.In the midfield, Casemiro will serve as an engineer. Cross and Modric will form the core dual configuration of the pass organization. Isco will play the offensive commander. Ronaldo and Benzema will form a forward partner.And Ter Stegen served as Barcelona’s starting goalkeeper, Pique and Umtiti formed a centerback combination, Alba and Sergei Roberto served as left and right backs.In the midfield, Busquets, Iniesta and Rakitic form the Iron Triangle. Messi and Suarez are not problematic on the front line. Paco Alcacer will usher in the national derby for the first time.  Real Madrid start predictions: Navas, Carvajal, Nacho, Ramos, Marcelo, Casemiro, Cross, Modric, Isco, Ronaldo, Benzema Barcelona prediction start:Ter Stegen, Serge-Roberto, Pique, Umtiti, Alba, Busquets, Rakitic, Iniesta, Messi, Suarez, Paco-AlcaSale

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