Where is the warehouseGase Xili glanced at that beauty,Then the corner of the mouth drooped,Disdain:“Oh,ladyboywhat。”
Not only Mirren,Even Statham and La Follett were stunned.:ladyonlady,ladyboyWhat the hell is it?
Chen Geng held back his laugh,He was looking forward to the reaction of these three guys after they knew the true identity of each other:“simply put,The beauty you saw,He is actually a man。”
Actually some shemales did“Six Cleansing”Of surgical,But Chen Geng is not sure if the current ladyboy has done it“Cut root”Surgical,In case,It’s better to call the other man。
“what did you say?!”Mirren made a high-pitched scream:“You said that is a man?”
“Yes indeed,”Chen Geng nodded:“What’s the problem?”
“What’s the problem?”Mirren feels going crazy,Screamed at the ladyboy in front:“She is obviously a female,You said he is a man dressed as a woman?This is impossible!Absolutely impossible!He doesn’t even have the characteristics of a man,Look at her breasts,It trembles naturally when walking,That’s definitely not what a man can do with stuff inside,Her breasts are definitely real……”
“Yes,His chest is real,But he is a man。”
“boss,Are you lying to me?,”Mirren killed him and didn’t believe that the other party would be a man,Arguing with Chen Geng:“Look at her walking gait,See how delicate his skin is,Look at his slender arms and calves,This is definitely not what a man should have……”
“If you give him10USD,I promise thatladyboyWill agree with you to touch him under him,”Chen Geng said slowly:“I swear to you,There is really a man’s thing under him,of course,May be smaller,But there are……”
Before Chen Geng finished,Mirren walked quickly to the one who looked like a woman could no longer be a womanladyboyIn front of,Take one out of the bag10Dollar bill,In the other’s shocked eyes,Mirren pointed to Chen Geng and his party,Pointed at myself again,Said angrily:“They say you are male,But I firmly don’t believe how such a beautiful woman is dressed as a man,So this10Dollars to you,I need to……”