How to apply for the 2015 Chongqing Marathon
On December 1st, the 2015 Chongqing International Marathon began to predict the name. Compared with the situation of last year’s quota, the Chongqing Marathon 2015 registration method adopted the waved registration method, and it was possible to participate in the contest by luck. The applicant only needs to be on the morning of December 1st.Point to fill in personal information at 6 pm on December 9 and was randomly selected to participate in the 2015 Chongqing Marathon.According to the regulations of the Chongqing Marathon Organizing Committee, the 5th Chongqing International Marathon will be held on Nanbin Road and Babin Road in Chongqing on March 21, 2015.This competition will have three projects: full marathon, half marathon and 5 km mini marathon.为保证比赛报名工作顺利进行,2015重庆国际马拉松赛将采取全新的报名方式,具体方式如下:一、报名途径  1、拟参加全程、半程项目的选手,只能通过登录重庆国际马拉松赛官方网站( online registration, team registration is not accepted;    2. Players who plan to participate in the 5km mini marathon can log in to the official website of the Chongqing International Marathon ( online registration, or go to the Chongma Organizing Committee (Chongqing Jiangnan Sports Center, No. 1 Yanyu Road, Nan’an District, Chongqing) for team registration; team registration is acceptable;   3. Register at the authorized registration point of each major sponsor,参赛名额及详细报名地点以组委会及赞助商公布的具体信息为准;二、报名方式  1、 2014年12月1日上午9时开启全/半程项目预报名,2014年12月9The forecast name ends at 17 o’clock on the day, and players who intend to participate in the full- and half-course events must complete the registration information completely and truthfully to ensure the success of the forecast name;    2. The organizing committee will succeed in the forecast name by shaking the number one week after the end of the forecast nameThe finalists will be selected from among the participants.Each predicted contestant can log in to the official website entry number query box after 9 a.m. on December 22, 2014 to check whether he has won the lottery. If the lottery is won, the payment option will be displayed. After the registration fee is paid, the registration will be completed and the entry number will be obtained;   32. As of 17:00 on December 31, 2014, if the registration fee is not paid for various reasons, it is considered that the registration is unsuccessful, and its qualification is replaced by the forecasted competitors who have not been selected in the order of registration time;    4, 5 km mini marathonThe starting and ending time of the project registration is January 7th-February 28th, 2015. Players or teams who sign up through the offline method will pay the registration fee on the spot and complete the registration, and the registration will be completed as soon as possible;    5. Can I check the participation on the official website?号码是获得参赛资格的唯一证明,如有疑问,请尽快联系组委会处理;三、报名费用  1、全程、半程报名费:120元/人;  2、迷你马拉松报名费:50元/人, Team registration 40 yuan/person (20 people and above are regarded as a team).Fourth, the forecast name rules    (1) Forecast name qualifications:    1, age requirements    (1) Marathon age limit is 20 years old (born in 1995), 65 years old (born in 1950).  (2) The half marathon is limited to 16 years of age or older (born in 1999) and 65 years of age or younger (born in 1950).  2. Results requirements:    (1) Participated in domestic or foreign marathons from January 1, 2012 (including January 1, 2012) to November 30, 2014 (including November 30, 2014), andComplete the marathon in 6 hours or 2.The runner who completed the half marathon within 5 hours;    (2) has not participated in the official marathon, but has completed the marathon or 2. within 6 hours after self-test.Runners who have the ability to complete the half marathon within 5 hours;    (2) Forecast name time: December 1 to December 9, 2014, from 9:00 to 24:00.Anyone who intends to participate in the 2015 Chongqing International Marathon Marathon and Half Marathon can enter the heavy horse official website for the forecast name during this period.  (3) Elite registration channel: The forecast name will start from December 1, 2014 to end on December 9, 2014, from 9:00 to 24:00.Non-professional athletes who have participated in the 2014 Chongqing International Marathon Marathon, men’s scores within 4 hours (including 4 hours) and women’s scores within 4 hours and 30 minutes (including 4 hours and 30 minutes) can enter the eliteChannel registration.  3. Instructions and precautions 1. Registration for the 2015 Chongqing International Marathon runners is divided into two stages: forecasting and payment.The contestants must pass the forecast name before they have the opportunity to pay for the competition. The registration is successful based on the payment and the entry number;   2. The payment time will be determined after the announcement of the competition rules, and a notice will be published on the official website, WeChat, Weibo;   3、请选手认真如实填写个人信息,组委会将对信息的真实性进行核实,一旦发现有虚报行为,则取消其重马参赛资格;  四、预报名后续安排  1、预报名结束后,组委6,000 people in the marathon and 2,000 people in the half marathon will be randomly selected from the list of forecast names.  2. After receiving the government competition approval, the organizing committee will start the payment.Payment time (limited to 10 days) will be notified via official website, SMS, Weibo, WeChat, etc.

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