“If one day you get married,But remember to tell me to wait。”

Sedum leaning on a chair,Said in a leisurely tone,From the heart,He hates these traversers,Wantonly robbing creatures,Like this woman in front of me,From the appearance,It's not such a nonsense character。 But after being seized by that arrogant and domineering foreigner,But it is so disgusting,This is the strongest respect,Do the weak eat the strong??Just because of weakness,You have to be taken away by foreign guests? “I don't understand what Jing Gongzi said,But when do I have a lady who hasn't been through, why don't I know?” Monkey King heard what Jingtian was and sa


Zhong Fa said at this moment,“Actually, I suggest that it is better to clean up the sentry?”

“You say clean up Just clean up,Is it so easy?They hide deeply,Even if you use a telescope, you may not be able to see it。Maybe they are just disguised in a tree a few kilometers away。We can't even determine their location,Not to mention that there may be other teams on the other side。Or,You want to be armed with the four of us who beat others?” of course,These are just Qin Feng's guesses,After all, the goal of entering Myanmar this time is very clear。Even if it is possible,It's best to pick up the seriously injured member of Jiu Tian。The fastest computer terminal:/ It's



Chapter nine hundred and forty two A look in the eyes After all, as Lin Xiqian wanted to come,Men are all lustful animals,This is no exception。 “All right,This is also full of wine and rice,You go back first。”Qin Feng suddenly said。 “what?”Lin Qianqian was a little dumbfounded,She just ate not much,What have been thinking about。 When she looked down,,The things on this table have been eaten cleanly by Qin Feng。 “Holding grass,What's your situation?How can you be so edible?”Lin Xiqian didn't want to understand,Qin Feng's appetite will be like this。 “You are not full y


But my sister dropped out of school,Old work subsidies home,Then get married and have children。

Sun Luyao doesn't want that kind of life,So for so many years,She has always worked hard。 After that, the university tuition was paid by Sun Luyao during the winter and summer vacations.,Living expenses are earned part-time in spare time,Graduate job hunting,Renting out,Sun Luyao is all alone,It's like a person can hold up a piece of sky。 Sun Luyao rarely eats meat,Rarely buy clothes,Naturally less makeup,Cosmetics only have a lipstick that is about to bottom out,There is also a bottle of ordinary cleanser。 Send all the saved money back to your parents,Sun Luyao didn't w


Just came out of the movie theater,Xin Zhao and Qiangwei saw two people standing at the door waiting。

“Hello sir,What do you think of this movie?” Qiang Wei just wants to comment,Was directly held by Xin Zhao,Then Xin Zhao said“how,You don't have money to watch movies,Just buy a ticket by yourself,Step aside!” “That gentleman,We have no money to watch movies,I want to see an audience like Mr.,What do you think about the movie?” “Step aside,I have such a beautiful girlfriend,Why watch a movie,Sick!” ------------ Chapter Ninety The end after the mouth flower “You just said I'm your girlfriend?” After being pulled out of the cinema,Qiangwei exposed to Xin Zhao‘Kindness’


There are a lot of people in the game hall,But when they left with Lu Menglin and Wang Shaoxiao,Completely different situation。

There are ten machines in this street king game hall,Except for the two Kings of Fighters who are playing,No one cares about the other game consoles,And there are not many people in the game hall,Almost all of them are on the other side。 Lu Menglin heard the familiar ding ding ding in his ears,Suddenly understood everything。 。m. ------------ Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Two Mom's warmhearted Surrounded by those people,It's three gaming machines,Also known as Mac,Or slot machine。 One coin turns once,If you are in,As little as five coins,More than fifty coins,You c


The two organizations of Bailongmen and Izumo Tower,Although it is the top ten gang in the city,But they are all organizations that have only emerged in recent years,Is not a figure of the same era as the wooden knife,Naturally not familiar,At most, only a nodding acquaintance。

“It's okay to help them,But I am worried!They are killing a two-headed blood demon,In case it will burst,Good stuff,I might turn my face。”Lu Menglin put away his smile,Muttered。 The wooden knife was shocked by the words,Suddenly narrowed his eyes。 He got it,Lu is correct。Two-headed Gorefiend is a rare monster,Chiyue equipment is likely to burst,If Bailongmen and Izumo Tower turn their faces by then,This little soldier around me,I guess I have to go in。 And with the reviews of these two gangs,The possibility of doing this kind of thing is very high。They won't help because


Everyone don’t know,The large number of Mao leadership badges,It is a miracle in the history of badges。According to incomplete statistics,Justwengeperiod,Tens of thousands of Mao’s badges were issued,Over 500 million。

therefore,Many people collect his medals,Are collected thousands of pieces,Quite amazing。 The medal in front of me,Profile,White teeth with red bottom,Rectangular、pentagon、Round,Condition is kept intact,Into the bone。 “Generally speaking,The Mao leadership badge is not very valuable,Because there are so many。How much more?Say so!Based on our current population of Chinese,His medal,Can send two or three per person。” Everyone listened,Very surprised,they know,Definitely a lot。After all, a great man,Everyone respects,His medal,Many people should like it。but,I didn't expect


Xiao Fan nodded。

After seeing Xiao Fan's actions,Liu Neng quickly took Wang Dahua and Liu Guangming back to his room.,Started packing up。 After Liu Neng and his family left,,The whole dining table suddenly became brighter。 Except Xiao Fan,Everyone feels that the surrounding air has also become quiet,The air has become much fresher。 After Liu Neng and the others returned to the room,Liu Guangguang immediately hugged Liu Neng,Said:“grandfather,grandfather,You are really awesome,If not you today,The Lin family's money is not so easy to get it.?” Liu Neng smiled triumphantly,Then he stroked


“Zoe ancestor, right??Come,Repeat what you said before?Let me see if you are really stupid,Still overwhelming。”

Nezha ignored the reactions of other visitors,Calmly staring at the horrified zombie in front of you,Said quietly,Nezha is always so righteous,Just join the chat group,Is his friend of Nezha,How could he watch his friend being bullied and remain indifferent? I really thought he was a kid who only knew how to eat spirit fruit?Then he wants to let all the visitors from outside world have a long memory today,No power,Just practice hard,Not that strength,Don't provoke right and wrong。 “Big brother,I'm wrong,Let me go。” After Shizu heard the words of the adult in front of him