Suzhou silk palace fan is delicate and elegant,Its silk noodles or calligraphy、Or embroidery,Ingenuity;Its fan handle or engraving、Or painted,Do their best;Its material or plain bamboo、Xiangfeizhu、Or ivory、Or tortoiseshell,Elegant but not vulgar。

Ancient Su Fan,Contains a kind of elegance,Also contains a style,It is the embodiment of the identity and talent of literati,Poems and paintings by celebrities,Money is hard to find,It is also a way for the boudoir ladies to hide their faces and shame,Jiaojiao timid。 We touch the fan of the silk palace fan,What I feel is the development of Wudi weaving;Tasting calligraphy and painting on folding fan,Le Appreciate the Essence of Literati Ya Ke;Playing with the fan bone of the sandalwood fan,Appreciate the ingenuity of Suzhou craftsmen。 This is also a traditional culture,Su


Chen Wenjin said again:“This matter has nothing to do with Alfang,Let him go。”

“They are good friends,How can i go so fast。”The green man above his head is obviously not at ease,I'm afraid that Alpha will choose to call the police as an intermediary,Make up your mind to wait until you get the money,After he finished speaking, he looked at,The mechanic greeted Al Fang to the warehouse,Took a beer for him,Said something:“You are fine,Just wait。” “Brother Xiu,What should I do when the police come back to me??”Alfang realized,He speaks no use in the present situation,Things are unchangeable,He can only think about the future,So I said anxiously:“Brother


Ding:Group member Yun Yun sent a nine-person random red envelope。

Flower pity:Wow,Sister Yun Yun is so generous。 See red envelope grab,Hua Lian immediately sent a message,Just received。 Tony:Sovereign Yun,You are too polite。 Polite words,Tony's hands are not slow,I got the red envelope first。 Tyrant:Haha,Thanks to Sovereign Yun,I'm one step closer to improving my strength by three points。 Wu Xing:Boss atmosphere。 Everyone:……。 Seeing Wu Xingfa's words,Everyone was stunned,Can you be more down-to-earth? And watching the members happily grabbing red envelopes,And the words of the group leader,Funny Yun Yun smiled again。 Flower pity:


Although Su Luo feels she is still young,What about marriage?,Still a bit early,But her father is really moving this time,She is also helpless,Originally she just wanted to come to Qinglong City for a cutscene。

Who knows that the young master of Qinglong City did even better,Stay behind closed doors,Isn't this just to bully her, an outsider who wants to behave on the site of Azure Dragon City??She can't stand it,Direct rebuke。 “I remember that Uncle Luo An didn't seem to say that?Or the young master of your family looks down on Vermilion City?Since you are a subordinate,Then I don't care about you,Ask your young master to come out,Tell me if there are any interesting places in Qinglong City。” Luo Da looked at the second lady in Vermilion City,Step back,Firmly block the door of t


“Who can tell me,They used that brand of concrete?”

Evincent spreads out his hands,Question mark。 “I still need five minutes to hack into their system!” Someone answered Evincent during the rush,Evincent gave him a thumbs up,Then I looked at Dawson beside me,I can't help but raise my brows,Asked:“Except for this tank,Our friend gave it to us19Cannonball,Are you planning to give up after playing twice??” “of course not!” Dawson smiled cruelly。 I was worried about hurting other prisoners at first,But now it seems,My worry is completely unnecessary。Since it is redundant,Why are you polite。 Crazy output in the tank,Cannonb


Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan’s eyes passed through the crowd,Looking at each other。

The expressions on both faces are calm,It's just a lonely heart,And the other is Shen Jing Ruyuan,People can't guess his true emotions。 “very sorry,That person is not me!Although I am more distressed than anyone,but,As a man,I can't tolerate such betrayal。” “Kim So Yeon,I'm so disappointed in you。I used to love you so much!I thought we would be together forever,But you don't know your love,Fooling around with other men,me”Bae Jun base station is in front of dense cameras,Sad face,It seems to be tens of years old。 The painful expression on the face of the national male go


Xiang Chen nodded,Then he returned some materials held by Zhu Guoquan。

“I said that retirement is retirement,Never take the initiative to accept private work!So I can't help you realize your enemy's wish,But I will help you find the murderer,Mr. Zhu has already paid the remuneration!” ------------ Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Eight evidence Xiang Chen doesn't like money,Facing the numbers given by Zhu Guoquan,Xiang Chen is not indifferent,Just the rules of the game in the dark world,Always have life to make money,I have to spend my life,That's really what you got。 Besides, for Xiang Chen now,He may not be among the rich,But he is defi


Old man Mu frowned,The wrinkles on the forehead are about to squeeze into a gully。

In fact, he just felt that Qin's reaction was a bit wrong,That's why I would rather turn my face,And take the granddaughter one step ahead,Unexpectedly, it was still half a beat,The people of the Beigong family had hidden in Qin's house in advance,The amount of information contained in this message is too large。 “Qin Nanming,what do you mean?”Mr. Mu angrily scolded。 At this time,He still can't believe it,Qin Nanming dared to risk the world,In front of so many guests,Start with yourself and granddaughter。 Qin Nanming smiled,Said with a relaxed face:“Master Mu, don't worry


At that time,I believe even Wu Hao,I dare not do anything to myself,Unless he still wants to return to the outer hunting ring to be a refugee!

but,Yingfan changed his mind and thought again,What if Wu Hao really wants to go back to be a refugee?What outrageous things such weirdos can't do?Can't be theorized,Still be careful。 Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“Yes!Just look at the result!Actually it doesn't matter whether you bet or not,He can't make up his mind anyway。Wait, then!Let's talk if you win!” Ying Fan was aroused by his words,My face was blue and white,He thought and thought,Feel that I still can't show weakness,After all, he represents Tie Qin Guo,Must not lose the face of a big country,What's more, Han Jun,Ho


I knelt down for you, OK??”

This scene,Everyone in and outside the room was stunned。 They have seen shameless,But I've never seen anyone kneeling directly to my granddaughter like this。 “mom,What are you doing? Please get up quickly?” Wu Youcai saw his mother suddenly kneeling with Wu Xiaorou,Panicked,Rushed forward with Lei Xiaoqin,I'm going to help Mrs. Wu up。 “Son,Think about your brother,He's thirty-six,If you don't get married, you will really be a bachelor for a lifetime。 If so,I'm just dead,Don't have the face to see your father。” Mrs. Wu was crying,Let Wu Youcai and his wife help,But ju