But luck in misfortune,This is Charlene,If it was Yang Xiaoying……
“Brother Qin Feng,Are you waiting for someone?what,This,In the car。”Charlene glanced at the back of the car,So familiar,Take a look,That’s not in my class,Liu Shiwen??
Did you make a mistake??
But look at that outfit,That’s right。
“Hurry up,Uncle,I……”Liu Shiwen was stunned for a while,I feel that girl is so familiar,But what can you do if you are familiar?
This kind of thing,As long as you don’t know many people,She doesn’t believe it either,This person will speak out!
If i know,This person,But there will be no good fruit。
This is common sense,A lot of things,Although it’s impossible to hide many people,But it is limited to spreading within small circles,And the small circle,Just some friends。
Because between friends,Know you know,My parents will know,Just stand one eye and close one eye,But if everyone in the school knows this,Then I won’t be able to eat!
This is what Liu Shiwen is afraid of。
“it’s good now,Acquaintance coming。”Little Taimei’s watch that she doesn’t listen to her words and suffers。
“Brother Qin Feng,you,You actually want……”Charlene’s incredible。
She to Liu
Shiwen’s impression is only the surface,Although in the same class,But the two people basically have no intersection。
In fact,Two people are not the same,Xia Lin is a good girl in the eyes of her parents,Liu Shiwen,Except the name is normal、Literary point,other,The whole is a problem student。
Able to enter Charlene’s key class,It’s also through the parents,Give gifts to many people,Spend a lot of money,Just went in!