NBA Finals second game-Green fierce foul defensive blow James face
The Warriors and Cavaliers finals continued at the Oracle Arena in the second game. In the fourth quarter, when the game reached 7 minutes and 01 seconds, James broke through and was blocked by Draymond Green’s head, and Zhan Huang covered his face on the sidelines.Get up for a long time.James was severely hit in the face. The Warriors were indeed not allowed outside the three-point line today, and after Curry made a missed three-pointer, Tristan Thompson took the rebound and left it to James to organize the attack, while King Zhan aimed at the opportunity directly.Accelerating the breakthrough and reaching the inside, Draymond Green quickly rushed to defend, and used a fierce foul to block Zhan Huang, but Green’s arm directly hit James, and Zhan Huang kneeled on the side of the court with his face on his knees.He got up for a long time, and he paid attention to that the foul made Zhuang Huang very painful.  However, the referee judged Green’s fierce foul after watching the game video, and did not punish the malicious foul.But James was affected because of this, and he made only one of two free throws.(Deqing)

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