“Swat Team” wants to build a Chinese superhero, Ling Xiaosu said injuries are commonplace
On December 26, the action gangster film “Swat Team” directed by Ding Sheng held its premiere conference in Beijing.Director Ding Sheng, leading the role of Ling Xiaosu, Jia Nailiang, Jin Chen, Zhang Yunlong, starring Liu Junxiao and other appearances.When Ding Sheng formulated the original intention of his creation, he said that the alternative to the special police is to challenge himself and create a superhero belonging to China.He also admitted that he had overcome too many obstacles during the filming process, and said that the visual effects such as rappelling from high altitude, lurking in the deep sea, and eaves were very ideal. “I hope this will be a new breakthrough in the Chinese-language action gangster film.”Ling Xiaosu said at the scene:” The director joked that Kurosawa did not even allow actors to take a bath when he filmed “Seven Samurai”. This time it was more common to get injured in the action movie. All actors suffered a lot at the scene.”It is reported that the role of Liu Lang played by Ling Xiaosu also has too many personality characteristics of Ling Xiaosu himself. He also completed the extreme challenge in the film himself.” Only by paying more than other times can you reach your inner standards.”Sauna, night net editor Zhou Huixiaowan Xu Meilin proofread by He Yan sponsor

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