Hot yoga not to be missed in summer

Imagine a hot summer day, a hot girl wearing a bikini with two bikinis is holding a cup of heart-warming honey and fruit tea on her back by the swimming pool breeze.

But look at your belly, it has become an annoying swimming circle!

Not only does it undermine the beauty, but it also loses the confidence and interest in playing.

Hurry up and try the following powerful moves to destroy the temporary, eliminate excess meat and become a shining pretty girl!

  Roll belly 1 with your body lying flat on a mat, your feet slightly open and straight, your toes hooked inside, hold your towel and stretch your arms straight over your head.

  2. Lift your hands directly above your body, perpendicular to the ground, and inhale.

  3. Move your hands to the abdomen, exhale, use your hands to drive the head, fracture, and bend the spine segments to get up.

  4. After exhaling slowly, continue to align your hands with your upper body and push forward until your body sits up, your arms are close to your ears, your spine is flexed, and you use the power of your abdomen to stay.

  Nod your knees 1 and lay your body flat on the mat. Bend your knees to the same width as your shoulders. Place your hands on the top and bottom with your palms facing down.

Inhale and get up.

  2. Bending the thoracic spine drives the body and hands away from the ground, and the hands are parallel to the ground, exhaling, staying, inhaling, returning to action one, exhaling.

  Bifurcation swivel 1, sitting on a cushion, with your knees bent to the same width as your shoulders, your upper body straight, your hands raised parallel to the ground, and you inhale.

  2. Exhale, lean back slightly, support your body with abdominal strength, and use the spine to drive your body to one side.

Inhale and return to action one.

  3. Exhale and turn your body to the other side, with your hands straight and parallel to the ground.

  4. This action should be stable with beryllium, don’t shrug.

  Split your legs and twist your waist1, lie flat on the mat, bend your knees and knees together, press your toes down, and put your hands behind your head.

  2. Use the strength of the spine to drive the main shaft to rise, while the body turns forward and exhales.

  3. Turn to the other direction, turn to the right, and inhale.